Full Circle Process

Process Overview

How a Financial Advisor Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Just as in the labyrinth, the twists and turns are similar to what we encounter in life. Financial planning involves evaluating the options and then making decisions and setting those decisions in motion. Having a financial advisor by your side helps you navigate those life changes to stay on your path to reach your financial goals. Working with an advisor encourages you to embrace the journey, adapting to changing circumstances, and in turn making informed decisions to confidently pursue your financial goals.

State your goals
Analyze financial information & current course of action​
Develop Financial Planning Recommendations
Implement & Monitor Recommendations
Present Recommendations

What Does a Financial Plan Cover?

Risk Evaluation & Mitigation ​

Stage of Life – Accumulation – Preservation – Distribution
Insurance coverage review
Life & Disability
Home & Auto

Evaluation Of Financial Position

Cash flow review & analysis
Debt management & strategies

Retirement Planning ​

Retirement Plan options and strategies
Health Insurance options
Health Savings Plan
Social Security start date
Medicare Plan Consideration
Required Minimum Distribution

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Let's Make a Plan

Retirement Planning Estate Planning Investment Planning TaxPlanning Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Evaluation of Financial Position

Tax Planning​

Review of current tax returns
Opportunities for tax strategies

Investment Planning

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
Portfolio evaluation
How much are you Saving?
How much do you need to Retire?
Asset Allocation
College /Education savings

Estate Planning​

Creating a legacy
Creating a Trust
Creating a Will
Power Of Attorney for Medical & Financial
How to select an Executor


Your Steps To Building Wealth

Prospect Meeting​

Discuss goals & challenges
Determine “Good Fit”​

Discovery Meeting​

Sign Engagement Letter
Provide / Upload requested documents.
Firm up financial goals
Set next meeting

Review & Validation Meeting​

Validate cash flow & net worth reports.
Review preliminary recommendations.
Updates to original information.
Set next meeting.

Final Recommendations​

Review Final Reports
Assign Action Item Timeline
Monitor Progress​

Full Circle Financial Planning Labyrinth
Ultimately, the concept of the labyrinth reminds us that just as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning.
Each individual’s path towards financial security will be unique, and it is through exploring and finding your own way that unfolds to discover true financial freedom and fulfillment.

How We Get Started

Tell me about you.
  • Tell me about your career(s).
  • What are your dreams and goals you want to accomplish?
  • What goals are your highest priority?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Are there any special needs or concerns to take into consideration in the plan?
  • Are you comfortable investing in the market? Do you know your risk tolerance?
  • What questions about financial planning do you have today?
  • Do you participate in your employer retirement plan? How did you select the investments?
  • How much time do you spend on your financial goals?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?

  1. I will send an engagement letter describing the specific aspects of a financial plan, the plan cost and the agreed upon objectives of the engagement.
  2. Once you send the signed agreement back with a deposit, I will request you email/mail or provide me with the list of detailed information outlined on page 10 of this outline.
  3. We will meet again, after I have received and reviewed all the financial data, to verify the accuracy and completeness. At this time, we will refine the original goals and agree on the goals to include in the plan.
  4. We will next meet to review the recommendations and see what ones you want to implement.
  5. The final meeting will then present the final plan with the list of recommendations.
  6. Estimated time to complete will be discussed in our meeting, average 4-6 weeks.
  7. We will continue to communicate during the year to ensure the recommendations are implemented, update any changes to your current situation (change of job, or plan, etc.) and answer any questions when they arise.

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